Poetry Behind the Walls is open to all incarcerated youth throughout the world.  We would like all writing to advocate positive expression and hope. It does not matter what kind of writing ability the youth exhibit.


Poetry Behind the Walls Contract must be signed by every youth author (youth) for each writing/art including a name and signature of a representative from the juvenile detention facility. Please send writing/art and contract to:

      • Please send original submissions and contracts via e-mail to:

        • Poetry Behind the Walls
          C/O Save the Kids
          PO Box 3846
          Saint Paul, MN 55101 United States


Annual Poetry Behind the Walls Timeline:

January 2 – January 1 – Collect poetry from detention facilities

January 2 – February 1 – Editing completed

February 2 – March 1 – Layout completed

March 2 – March 15 – Send off to Publisher

March 16 to April 30 – Receive completed copies from publisher

June 1 to June 30 – Release party

July – Presentation in the city that Brave New Voices annual national event is each year